Educator Effectiveness

8 years ago

In 2010, S.B. 10-191 was passed by the Colorado State legislature.  The bill changes the way both principals and teachers are supported and evaluated in Colorado with the ultimate goal of ensuring college and career readiness for all students.  Some of the highlights of the bill include:
  • Requires evaluating educators based on statewide standards of practice and student learning over time.
  • Requiring all licensed educators to be evaluated every year, regardless of years of service.
  • Makes non-probationary status tied to professional expertise rather than length of service.
  • Requires schools and districts to provide staff development for any identified needs in educator’s evaluation.

 All school districts must implement an evaluation system that aligns with the teacher and principal Quality Standards and State Board Rules by July 2013.

The Steamboat Springs School District has established an evaluation committee to make recommendations for the implementation of the new evaluation system as well as to provide staff development on the new system. 

 This page will be a central location for the educational staff of the district for the latest updates on educator effectiveness in the state, news on the progress of the new evaluation system,  links to the Colorado Department of Education and their information on Educator Effectiveness, and links to the training resources that have been used in the SSSD trainings.

Colorado Department of Education Information and Resources

General CDE page for Educator Effectiveness: portal to all CDE information.

FAQ’s-: CDE’s Frequently Asked Question page about the legislation and the new evaluation systems.

Fact Sheets:  One page fact sheets on various aspects of the Educator Effectiveness System. 

CDE Newsletters:  Newsletters distributed by CDE on the latest developments in the system dating back to September of 2011 and running to the current month. 

Videos:  Quick 6 minute videos that provide overviews and details on the legislation and the evaluation processes.

CDE Resource Bank:  A resource bank of possible assessments in all content areas to be used to measure Student Learning Outcomes.

Steamboat Springs School District Training
2015 Trainings
New Staff Overview
Veteran Staff Orientation and Update

2014 Trainings
New Staff Overview
Veteran Staff Orientation and Update
Changes in Teacher Rubric from 2013 to 2104

2013 trainings
Session 1: Overview of Educator Effectiveness and Teacher Standards. 
 Materials from the session are listed here.
Session 1 Prezi 
Prezi talking points
Key Dates and Timelines 
CDE Teacher Quality Standards and Elements 
SSSD Staff Development Plan for Educator Effectiveness 
Results from Teacher Standards Gallery Walk-District wide
FAQ's from Session 1-District Wide

Session 2: Using the Teacher Rubric for self-evaluation and introduction of the status of the Counselor system.  Materials from the sessions are listed here.
Teacher Rubric Explanation Power Point
Teacher  Professional Practices Rubric-Self Evaluation :  The professional practices rubric for teachers that will be used starting in the 2013-14 academic year is located on the CDE Educator Effectiveness page. On this link scroll down on the page to the section that is labeled "Excel Version of the Colorado State Model Evaluation Teacher System.'  In that section go to "Resources available to all users"  and click on"Self-Evaluation Excel Rubric." 
Highlights of Proposed Counselor System Power Point

Session 3: Updates on the Evaluation System and the Student Learner Outcome Matrix
Session 3 Power Point
Session 3 Talking Points
SSSD Definition of Common Assessment
SSSD Student Learning Outcome Matrix as of August 2013
Session 3 FAQ's
Steamboat Springs School District Policies and Procedures Evaluation of Teachers.
Evaluation of Administrators

Educator Effectiveness Annual Timeline

2015 Assurances Document

2014 Assurances Checklist: To indicate current progress in the development of the SSSD evaluation system.
2014 Assurances Document

Evaluation Committee Membership
2015-2016 Evaluation Committee Meeting Schedule
Professional Practices  Quality Teaching Standards
Quality Principal Standards

Teacher Rubric
School Counselor Rubric
Principal/Assistant Principal Rubric

Educator in Unique Roles
Technology Integration Specialist Rubric/evaluation form
Instructional Coach Rubric/evaluation form
Severe Needs SPED Teacher Rubric/evaluation form
Gifted and Talented Coordinator/evaluation form


Measures of Student Learning
2015 Collectively attributed MSL cutpoints 

MSL pie charts:  The complete set of pie charts that are used to determine the 50% of educator's evaluation score based on student performance.  Pie charts are included for teachers, principals and counselors.
Common Assessment District Definition 
Approval Process
Approval Form

Forms and Resources
CDE User's Guide for State Model Evaluation System
CDE Resource Guide for Deepening the Understanding of Teachers' Professional Practices
RANDA Performance Management System RANDA Fact Sheet

CDE Log in page for RANDA