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Classroom 15 minute videos

1)     Full body stretch with Michele

2)     Cheer and stretch with Summer and friends

3)     Dance with Tiana

4)     Going fast with Caroline

5)     Pilates with Laura

6)     Plank party with Wendy

7)     Pure Power with Charly

8)     Crossfit with Sarah

9)     Dance with Renee

10)  Squats with Ronnie

11)  5210

12)  Animals with Coach Deb

Middle School Brain Gym Videos

Brain Gym Routine:  Card #23

Cardio Brain Gym:  Gangnam Style
Cardio Brain Gym Kickboxing: Cross Kick Box Brain Breaks Card 10
Brain Buttons-Balance Buttons-Thinking Cap:  Brain Break Card 5

Energy 8's:  Brain Breaks card 6 and 7 and 8

Brain Games: No Pistols, Hang Ten-NOT, Ears-Nose Switch, High Five to the Sky Cards:  16, 17, 18, 19

Super Brain Yoga: Card 24

Gotcha Brain Game:  Card #20

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